Studies of voters in Ranked Choice Voting cities demonstrate that voters report more positive campaigning and more satisfaction with their elections when compared to voters in cities that still use traditional plurality voting. Election candidates and outcomes are more diverse, turnout increases, and voters understand and support the process.

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95% of voters surveyed by Rank the Vote NYC in the New York City’s 2021 primary elections found the ballot “simple to complete”. These results were consistent across every ethnic group.

The use of Ranked Choice Voting is correlated with more women running for and winning elected office. A 2020 study shows that, as of April 2020, nearly half of all mayors (46%) and 49% of all city council seats decided by RCV are held by women. A comparison to a group of control cities (U.S. cities with populations over 30,000) found that women make up just 23% of mayors in non-RCV jurisdictions.

FairVote provides an excellent round-up of this and more research related to Ranked Choice Voting.

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National group FairVote has an excellent collection of research about Ranked Choice Voting.